Can Reading One Book REALLY Change Your Life?

YES!!! - New Book on Success & Mentoring Launches to Incredible Buzz & Emotion.
The Great Ones
is Hailed as a Life-Changing & Glorious "Tug on the Heart Strings".

Author Ridgely Goldsborough puts together a very special, limited-time, book bundle offer as a heartfelt "Thank You" to his loyal readers.

Click Here for Your FREE COPY(...And Much More!)


Click Here for Your FREE COPY(...And Much More!)

An Emotional Ridgely Puts Together a Special Package for His Loyal Readers!

My Dear Friends,

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting me during my book project. Your support was incredible and deeply appreciated.

I really owe you. So....

I wondered - what can I put together to thank YOU for the heartfelt feedback and constant encouragement during the process?

...Well, I racked my brain & put together THE GREAT ONES HOLIDAY SUCCESS BUNDLE. It's a collection of my best work. You can read about the bundle further below on this page, but first...

Take a look at this snapshot of me getting things ready - I'm surrounded by boxes of books and piles of The Great Ones that need signing (yes - I autograph the books for all my readers - again, more on that later).

When my hand and thumb start to ache, what keeps me going is my gratitude to you. I truly believe you will benefit in many, many ways from the books in my Success Bundle.



Click Here for Your FREE COPY(...And Much More!)

Author Ridgely Goldsborough is proud to present his new book, The Great Ones:
The Transformative Power of a Mentor

Here's how the publisher, Wiley, describes the hardcover book:

A business fable on the power of mentors and essential keys to success in business, life, and relationships When it comes to personal and professional success, few relationships prove more vital and powerful than that of mentor and student. Unfortunately, most of us seldom gain access to a thoughtful mentor who can help guide us to success in whatever we do.

In the format of a business fable, The Great Ones reveals the importance of mentors and the pivotal difference a great mentor can have on one’s life.

This parable follows a wise old man as he shares his pearls of wisdom with a young boy about to go out into the world on his own. Through these poignant and sometimes painful lessons, the boy learns to navigate life’s minefields, develop sound judgment, apply the law of accumulation, cement the value of giving your all, assess risk and reward, and much more.

In the end, he unlocks the treasures within that we all need to become a “Great One”.

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The Great Ones Holiday Success Bundle is the Definitive Personal Development / Self Improvement / Business Gift of the Season!

When Ridgely coaches people on prosperity principles, he's all about results - what really works, RIGHT NOW, to provide measurable and significant improvement in ANY business or endeavor.

He is known for his holistic view - one that balances between hard core action items and the necessary success mindset that drives them.

Ridgely insisted that his loyal readers receive maximum benefit from their reading of The Great Ones - and that the transformational discoveries would be bolstered by additional (and proven) success tools.

Thus was born the Holiday Success Bundle:

This bundle of Ridgely Goldsborough's best works on prosperity and achievement showcases the power of mentorship and reveals the SECRETS OF SUCCESS from titans of industry, who, most importantly, will help YOU adjust your own belief system to reach your goals.

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But I Don't Want the Bundle -
Just The Great Ones Book.
Can I Still Buy It Here?

Of course you can! Simply click on the same link (scattered throughout this page) and you'll see an option to order a single copy.

And - ONLY HERE - when you order the book through this site, your copy will be autographed by Ridgely Goldsborough!

(Remember the picture of Ridgely autographing those piles of books?)


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Ridgely Personally Guarantees Your Satisfaction with The Great Ones

Author Ridgely Goldsborough insists on guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Not the merchant, but Ridgely PERSONALLY, will stand behind every purchase you make.

For 60 days, you may return your purchases directly to Ridgely and receive a full refund WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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Ridgely Sweetens the Deal for YOU!


In addition to the 3 books in the Holiday Success Bundle, you will receive several additional exciting bonuses.


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100s of People Have Provided RAVE REVIEWS on The Great Ones - Here are just a few:

Hundreds of comments and reviews from leading success gurus, to well-known writers, to everyday readers like you have flooded in ...

"You won't be able to put this one down..."

"With masterful story-telling reminiscent of Hemingway,
Ridgely Goldsborough educates, enlightens, and inspires with his great new fable, The Great Ones. You won't be able to put this one down and you'll enjoy every entertaining lesson along the way."

- Dr. Joe Rubino
Author of The Self Esteem Book



"The Great Ones spells out the beauty of life when we have someone to look up to, learn from, and most of all mentor from..."

"Ridgely never ceases to amaze me. The Great Ones will no doubt be a bestseller as it depicts a relationship between a boy and an old man, which is, by all accounts, one of the most precious, soul-touching relationships known to mankind. The Great Ones will sit on my book shelf at the very front representing one of the most important growing experiences that life can offer ... mentorship and guidance among life's narrow highway to success."

- Dr. Dallas Humble
Author of Make It Happen, A Healthier You



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"Make no mistake - This book is as much "how to" as it is "how I did it" - written so well that you'll forget you're learning from a Great One yourself."

"There are few people I check in with on a regular basis that give me more pleasure, insight, and enthusiasm for life than Ridgely Goldsborough. He is part warrior, part Buddhist monk, part counselor, and always a loyal, intelligent friend. In his new book, The Great Ones, you get a clear vision of what it takes to be a great one too - but, more importantly, you see what he went through in his own development."

- Scott Martineau
Author of The Power of You!



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"Mucho thanks, hermano! I think the world of this book and the blast of light I got from it."

"I was very fortunate to get an early copy of this beautiful piece of work. On a plane heading home from a trip, I had a tearful heartfelt moment during the last chapter - That bright flash of insight knowing that we’re all in this to extend a hand to the next. That light of inspiration that breaks through when yesterday’s hope turns into your current reality. When all of a sudden, you get it! In the moment. And cheers to that person that held the light. "

- Phil Alfaro
from The Great Ones Online Blog



"I wept when I heard you reading and choking up on the video..."

"... not only because I was feeling your pain, but because I am reminded of my own. As well, I am reminded of the pure joy that came from getting beyond that pain – moving on to help myself and others. I believe, you, Ridgely, have answered your Divine purpose not only by writing The Great Ones, but by providing thousands out there with a positive, motivational forum through which to energize and transform their lives. Thank you from all of us! "

- Blessings, Freda Chaney
from The Great Ones Online Blog



...And There are Hundreds of Other Similar Comments and Reviews! Read The Great Ones for Yourself and Send Ridgely Your Reaction - He Really Wants to Hear from You!

Click Here for Your FREE COPY(...And Much More!)


Click Here for Your FREE COPY(...And Much More!)